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Nassau County

Nassau County, Florida Woman Arrested on Felony Animal Cruelty Charges April 28, 2022 Nassau County, Florida On April 27, 2022, Christen Lovelady was arrested by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office […]

Hoesch v. Broward County (2011)

Plaintiffs, Brian HOESCH and South Florida Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc., v. Appellants, BROWARD COUNTY, Florida, Appellee   District Court of Appeal of Florida, Fourth District 53 So.3d 1177 (Fla. App. […]

Berry v. California (1989)

Berry v. California (1989) Statement of the Case This case involves the killing of a small child by Willy, a pit bull owned by defendant Michael Patrick Berry. Defendant appeals […]

North Carolina v. Fowler (1974)

North Carolina v. Fowler 205 S.E.2d 749 (1974) 22 N.C. App. 144 STATE of North Carolina v. William FOWLER. No. 7412SC26.   Court of Appeals of North Carolina. June 19, […]

Minter-Smith v. Florida (2003)

Minter-Smith v. State of Florida (2003) Subject: Plain View Doctrine Summary Defendant was convicted of unlawfully owning, possessing, keeping or training a dog or dogs with intent that such dog engage […]

Rogers v. Texas (1988)

Summary Dog fighting case. Where the dog fighting area was in an open section of woods near the defendant’s home, police officers were not required to obtain a search warrant […]

Fessenden v. Oregon (2014)

No. 49 August 7, 2014 759 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON STATE OF OREGON, Respondent on Review, v. LINDA DIANE FESSENDEN, Petitioner on Review. (CC 10CR2252MI; […]

Sarantopoulos v. Florida

Sarantopoulos v. Florida (1993) 629 So. 2d 121 (1993) James SARANTOPOULOS, Petitioner, v. STATE of Florida, Respondent. No. 80485.   Supreme Court of Florida. December 9, 1993. Rehearing Denied February […]

Common Internal Parasites of Swine

Common Internal Parasites of Swine Robert M. Corwin Department of Veterinary Microbiology College of Veterinary Medicine Roderick C. Tubbs Swine veterinarian Commercial Agriculture Program Swine performance is influenced by internal […]


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