Certification Cards

AACIS issues certification cards to students that complete any of the investigator, animal control officer, or shelter technician certification courses. The three types of certification cards issues are identified by their color-coded backgrounds.

1. Blue – Animal cruelty investigator

2. Green – Animal Control Officer

3. Orange – Animal Shelter Technician

American Animal Cruelty Investigations School (AACIS) Animal Cruelty Investigator Certification Card

Expiration Dates

While certification training with AACIS never expires, the certification card is only valid for three years and must be replaced with an updated photo prior to the expiration date printed on the front of the card.  Certification cards expire on December 31st, three years from year it was issued. For example, a certification card issued in July of 2020, will expire on December 31, 2023. New cards are issued free of charge each time a student passes a class. Replacement cards are issued for a fee of $5.00 each.

Photo Requirements

AACIS requires a driver license-type photo of the student for processing.  Additional requirements include:

1. The background must be a solid and light colored (preferably white).

2. Do not wear a hat, mask, or sunglasses in the photo.

3. The photo must include your entire face and neck.

4. The image must be clear and at least 800 pixels wide and 800 pixels high.

5. Photo files must be either JPG or PNG file and be less than 2MB.


Thank You!