[vc_row ses_title=”Frequently Asked” type_row=”faq” ses_sub_title=”Questions” ses_content=”
“][vc_column][faq id=”collapseSix” title=”Do you offer any training classes online?” desc=”Due to the law enforcement nature of our courses, AACIS only provides instructor-led courses in a classroom environment. As a response to COVID-19, AACIS is shifting some parts of the class to an online environment, but classroom attendance is required for the scenario-based and high-liability training components of our courses.”][faq id=”collapseOne” title=”Are these courses for anyone?” desc=”The animal control officer certification courses are designed for existing animal control officers who seek certification. People who have never worked in the field of animal control should only consider attending the basic animal control officer certification course if they are looking to enter the profession of animal control. The investigation courses are only offered to law enforcement and animal control officers who are currently employed with a government agency or contracted through a government agency. Due to the nature of these classes, they are not offered to the general public.”][faq id=”collapseThree” title=”How many people do we need to host a class locally?” desc=”The minimum number of people required for a class to be held depends on two factors: 1) the type of class taught, and 2) the proximity of an AACIS certified instructor to teach the course. Generally, if an instructor is within 100 miles of your agency, the class can be taught with as few as about 4-5 people. If instructors require travel and lodging expenses, the class would need about 10-12 people. AACIS will always help reach out to surrounding agencies in your area to help generate enough interest in the course.”][faq id=”collapseFour” title=”What are your venue requirements in order to host a class?” desc=”AACIS requires a comfortable training room that is set up in a classroom style (tables and chairs) with the ability to enable Powerpoint presentations. If your training room does not have a computer, projector, or television, please call AACIS at 850 898-0011 so we can make arrangements to provide the audio/video equipment for you. In the event AACIS provides the audio/video equipment, a $200 equipment usage/transportation fee will apply.”][faq id=”collapseFive” title=”How quickly can the training class be scheduled?” desc=”If you have the minimum number of people for the class to be held without having to reach out to other agencies, the class can be scheduled as quickly as 21 days. However, AACIS prefers to schedule classes at a minimum of 4-6 months in advance to allow time to reach out to other agencies and generate interest in the course.”][faq id=”collapseTwo” title=”How do I obtain an IRS Form W-9 for my agency?” desc=”A completed IRS Form W-9 is available on this site for download. The link is located in the footer of each page.”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][CallToAction image=”17″ title=”REQUEST A CLASS” desc=”If you are interested in hosting a class, it is as simple as calling AACIS at 850 898-0011 or clicking below to request via e-mail.” button_name=”Request a Class” link=”#”][/vc_column][/vc_row]